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We offer a variety of techniques that we combine to help you feel your best.


                                                                                                    Exercise Prescription:

Exercises are the key element of any successful rehabilitation. Research shows that in some of the spinal conditions such as neck pain and headaches, even after symptoms resolved the specific muscle weakness still persists and condition may become recurrent and may last longer. Therefore, targeting these muscles through specific exercises with a view of incorporating into daily functional routine is really important to achieve optimum outcomes of Physiotherapy. We believe on specific exercises to treat specific impairment related to your problems. Therefore, every patient need an individual assessment and close supervision while performing exercises in our purpose built gym. We have all necessary equipment's including Pilates reformer to encourage your highest functional levels.  

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is a passive technique where the therapist applies a specifically directed manual impulse, or thrust, to a joint, This is often accompanied by an audible ‘pop' sound. It is extremely effective for managing Spinal pain and stiffness related to joint dysfunctions. Spinal manual therapy on the other hand, is using gentle techniques with similar efficacy to manage neck and back problems. Research shows that Spinal manual therapy is effective for managing neck related headaches, dizziness, localized and nerve root spinal problems. 

Dry Ne​edling

Dry needling is an effective and efficient technique for the treatment of muscular pain and myofascial dysfunction. As the name indicates, dry needling or intramuscular stimulation involves insertion of needles in to the muscles to treat trigger point (Knots) without injecting any substance in it. It is extremely effective for relaxing overactive and tight muscles.

The approach is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles.

Today specifically trained physiotherapists are using dry needling effectively and extensively within their practices to treat headaches, neck/back pain and peripheral joint problems such as Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee and Ankle.

Service Prices

Compare our service fees and find the best fit for you.

            As of  01 /June/2021 , we have updated our rated for private patients / For patients under Enhanced Primary Care Initiative-Medicare as per below

Initial Consultation


Initial consultation applies for new patients or returning patients (more than 3 months after the last Visit)

1  session

Initial Consultation 

Standard Consultation


1  session

Standard Consultation

Enhanced Primary Care Initiative

$20 (initial Consultation)

 $10 (Standard Consultation)

For Patients under Enhanced Primary Care Initiative - Medicare, there is out of pocket as mentioned

1  session


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