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Dry Needling for the management of Headaches and Orofascial Pain.

Headache is the most prevalent neurological disorder, and represents a major healthcare problem worldwide due to the high associated rates of disability.1 It constitutes the most frequent reason for consultation with the neurology department. Management includes pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments. The latter includes dry needling (DN). There is moderate evidence that acupuncture is effective for the prevention of migraine attacks and for the management of tension-type

Dry needling is a treatment technique used by clinicians to relieve symptoms in patients with tension-type headache (TTH), cervicogenic headache (CGH),

or migraine. Recent systematic review conducted by Pourahmadi M, et. Al, in 2021 and suggested that the use of dry needling has been associated with pain reduction and related disability in patients with headaches. Therefore, Dry needling should be considered for the treatment of headache, and may be applied either alone or in combination with pharmacological treatments.

support the use of dry needling for headache and related disability.

Orofacial pain of myofascial origin is often associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, affects chewing muscles and may lead to functional limitations. Dry needling is an intervention commonly used for inactivating myofascial pain trigger points. Systematic review conducted by suggest that DN can be used to reduce pain and improve maximum painfree mouth opening in patients with temporomandibular dysfunction.

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