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About Us

At Mowbray Physiotherapy Services, we are focused on providing quality Physiotherapy services to clients suffering Musculoskeletal and Sports related conditions. We treat a wide variety of clinical conditions such as back/neck and peripheral joint problems. In addition to treating the symptoms through contemporary Physiotherapeutic approaches, our focus is to deliver high quality clinical services with a focus of providing long term self management strategies through exercise prescription. We treat a wide variety of conditions which includes but not limited to Whiplash injuries and injuries related to car accidents, Work cover injuries, Headache, dizziness, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle and Spinal conditions. We accept Private and compensable patients and patients with private health insurance. We are preferred providers for Medibank Private and Bupa.

What to expect on first consultation?

Initial consultation, the Physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your problem and will conduct a comprehensive physical examination. The Physiotherapist will then explain their findings based on their examination and will provide you with an estimated time frame for your recovery. In addition, the Physiotherapist will provide an initial treatment and will book you for a follow-up appointment. On some occasion, the therapist may organize a referral to another health care 

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